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A friendship is a great outcome, but if something sexy and wonderful comes of it, that's even better.


Why is it that you made me fall head over heels in LOVE with him, when he's clearly only out for his own needs? He cheated on me, he lied to me about getting married to someone he didn't even know a month, then tried to get back together with me. Now, he's still trying to get back with me. and professing his love. and insisting that the marriage was a mistake and he's getting a divorce. Here's a thought, Universe. how about you put someone ELSE into my life who is single and available? Someone who doesn't want to treat me this way? Someone who can appreciate all that I am? If not then just please get him OUT of my head. I clearly have stupid tattooed on my forehead. and I'd like to remove it. I want nsa.

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